Dave & Glenn and the Xpando Band is a band formed by The Dave & Glenn Duo by adding musicians to give the event the type of band they need for that day.

Originally formed for a neighborhood block party in 2008, Dave and Glenn added musicians Jeff Meisner (guitar), Gary White (bass guitar) and Steve Wilson (harmonica/percussion) to add to the diversity of the band.  The band was able to play songs from the 60's and 70's that the newly formed two-piece couldn't pull off.  The event went well and more requests followed for the still unnamed expanded band.  After a few performances with additional musicians, someone came up with the name Xpando and the name stuck. 

The Xpando Band features Dave & Glenn each time, but the additional musicians change as the event dictates.  It has been estimated that over 70 different musicians have been a part of the Xpando band through the past 6+ years (with more to come).  Although some of the members play often, some have filled in only once for a certain performance.  The Xpando Band has numbered as few as 3 (sometimes referred to as the Dave & Glenn Trio) and up to 12 musicians at one time.  The band has included; guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, drums, percussionists, harmonica, mandolin, male and females singers. 

One thing that helps make The Xpando Band stand out is the crowd participation which has been nicknamed The Xpansion Band.  This is when people from the crowd come up to join the band on stage.  People are asked to join the band by playing percussion instruments (cowbell, wood block, tambourine, etc).  Sometimes people come up from the crowd to sing along with the band.




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